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Delivering financial value to business owners that will also benefit the sustainability of our planet is a driving force behind the Manage My Power brand and something we aspire to build upon as we continue to connect with like-minded partners and clients.

Paul Kurpiewski
Solutions Architect, Lead Systems and Product Developer

Paul has been delivering engineering solutions to the security and energy sector for over a decade, six of which, designing and implementing Solar PV monitoring networks. He leads the Manage My Power team of developers and ensures the continued advancement of the product.

Anthony Igmen 
Strategic partnerships, Sales and Marketing 

Anthony has a long history delivering commercial and residential Solar PV, data, and cloud-based solutions. Anthony uses his technical background and talent for marketing and sales to drive exposure of the MMP brand and to foster strategic industry partnerships.

Jack Misteli
Technology Development, Operations and Innovation

Jack uses his legal, technical, and entrepreneurial background to spearhead MMP's technology development division. Spurred on by social and environmental matters, Jack is driven to ensure MMP's technology has a real and lasting impact on global energy consumption.

Contact us and discover how Manage My Power solutions can benefit your business and the planet.
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