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What is MMP and what is the Power Portal?

MMP refers to the entire monitoring solution, it is hardware and software coupled together to bring you essential data with the click of the mouse. 

The Power Portal has the ability to 

  • Display load and crucial information in real-time.

  • Remotely control circuits and appliances.

  • Email alert on demand and consumption

  • Compare your energy bill using actual 

    energy tariffs.​
  • Display and forecast the outcomes of​ ​energy management strategies. ​ 


Measuring energy consumption is one of the keys to understanding how your building works so you can take advantage of potential opportunities for savings.

  • Independent mains, sub-circuit and appliance monitoring allows easy identification of the highest consumers. 

  • Remote control or schedule lighting, hot water circuits or individual appliances. 

  • Generate comprehensive reports using your electricity tariff to create forecasts and manage expenses. 

  • Receive email alerts for power faults or exceeding peak demand. 

  • Identify and validate energy saving investments.

  • Generate revenue by accurately billing your tenants for electricity they consume. 



The Manage My Power Power Portal ties all other solutions in perfectly providing you, and us with important consumption and generation data and information about your investments such as system stats and faults.

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